Ferris Wheel 3-D Card


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Open this 3-D card to reveal a multi-colored ferris wheel. This incredibly detailed card has been laser cut to intricately show the steel holding together the ferris wheel cars that you can pop out and enjoy forever. The best part is that the wheel even spins!

Inspiration for this card came from card designer, Malcolm, who has three daughters, each with a different personality. One of his daughters was extremely studious and became so stressed about school that she was hospitalized for anxiety and depression. So he created this card for her to let her know life is about the journey. Life is supposed to be fun. And no matter what, he would love her anyway. She now keeps the detachable 3-D ferris wheel to remind herself the purpose of life is to be happy.

This card can be used for encouragement, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, housewarmings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, friendship, a thank you, Valentine’s Day or just a daily reminder to enjoy life!

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